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Can Pod Go do this?

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Sorry if these have been asked before, but they're pretty specific so it's hard to find answers and in many cases the Manual doesn't specify:


1. Can you have the same effect in two or more blocks? I realize of course Snapshots is a better way to do this but let's just say for some really weird reason I want 4 delays, all set to different delay times - all the same delay, like a Deluxe Memory Man model, so I can turn then on and off to create different polyrhthmic delays?


2. If so, great, if not, please tell me I can at least have say, a DMM in one slot, an EP in another slot - all Delay Models, but 4 different types if necessary...???


3. In 6 button Stomp mode, what can the extra 2 buttons be assigned to do? Let's say I have Drive, Chorus, Delay, and Verb set up on the 4 blocks and FS1-4. Can FS ^ or v then be used to control any aspect of those 4 blocks - like say, toggling a Chorus from Chorus to Vibrato on a model that has it? Can FS ^ or v be used to turn the Wah on and off if you wanted? Or what about the EQ at the end - bypass and engage it using one of those FS so it's like a lead boost or fat switch?


4. If you use the EXP2 port for FS7/8, what would they do? Can you assign them freely like you can FS ^ and v (assuming you can) or are they limited to only specific parameters?


5. I know you can move Blocks, but can you move any block anywhere between the in and out? Like if I wanted to put the EQ first in line to act as a lead boost or something goofy, could I?


6. Also the manual is not really clear on this - could I put an EQ in one of the 4 free Blocks that's different from the final EQ? It almost sounds like when they say "it makes no difference" it means they'll be the same EQ.


7. There appear to be FX from the "4" series and "M" series, like the "Classic OD" - even though there's a newer Rat model from the Helix line. Are these older effects available?


8. With respect to a Rat model specific - be it the older or newer one: does either have Bass and Treble controls? In the M13 (and IIRC the DM4) that model had Level, Gain, and Filter, as well as Treble and Bass. I just want to make sure at least 1 of them still has Treble and Bass controls.


9. Are there any "Dry Through" effects? Again, many of the older FX like the "Tape Delay" had a Dry Through version. This doesn't appear to have them but maybe it's incorporated in the model's parameters themselves?


10. The Pedals are really confusing me - Can I have the on-board pedal control Wah, and the external EXP2 control Volume? Can either of them be used to control other parameters? For example, I might want the on-board pedal to do nothing when disengaged, but when stepping on the toe switch have Wah come on. Then the external pedal I'd use to do something like tweak Gain and Level on a drive model?


FWIW, here's why I'm considering the Pod Go:


1. Great price.


2. Ability to record direct an Amp/Cab simulated signal over USB (as well as a dry signal if I desire) (does the VST version come with it too?)


3. Ability to edit with software.


4. Helix effects I haven't had access to before.


5. Ability to play through headphones.


6. Ability to send an Amp/Cab simulated signal to FOH.


Now, here's my situation live:


I play gigs which sometimes have, shall we say, questionable monitoring.


There are some gigs I could play with the PG only, with either a floor wedge or in-ears for me.


But there are often gigs where I need to use my own amp on-stage for monitoring, and sometimes that cab has to be mic'd up.


I've figured out I can move the FX Loop block down right before the Cab and Amp. What this means is I can run my guitar in to the PG, through the Wah/Volume/FX1-4 (and maybe even EQ) then have the loop send out to my on-stage amp, a Twin Reverb. Then I'll have the signal in the PG go on to the Amp/Cab block, which I'll just set up for a Twin Reverb. That way, hopefully, FOH is getting a tone very similar to what I hear on-stage, or if they had mic'd it with a 57 or E906 (the two typical choices).


Just so you know, I'm not "driving" the amp at all - the camp is crystal clean and all FX are coming from the PG even the drives.


So my typical setup might be:


Input -> Wah -> Rat -> Chorus or Flange -> Delay -> Verb -> EQ for lead boost, or volume pedal here for rhythm/lead volume as min/max -> SPLIT


feed A goes out the FX Loop to my amp on-stage


feed B goes on through the Amp/Cab sim and out the main outs to FOH.


Understand I want to be able to use BOTH the amp/cab sim on the main outputs and a NON-amp/cab sim feed on my on-stage amp - so I know you have to use the FX loop to do this because the Amp out is stupidly after the Pre-Amp/Amp block (and I don't have an FX return/Power Amp in on my amp).


I know of course that this means if I call up a Peavey 5150 on my amp/cab feed the on-stage amp is not going to get that, but I wouldn't do that anyway - I'm basically going to use the TR on stage and the TR model (or whatever is closest to it) FOH so I get a reasonably similar sound on both feeds.


This means I'm largely using the PG as an "effects only" box in this configuration but I DO NOT want an HX Stomp or something because it doesn't have the Amp/Cab sim for FOH and it costs more.


This way i get the best of all possible worlds - I can use it as FX only this way if monitoring is atrocious and I just have to use my amp on stage, but if FOH is ok I can still use my on stage amp for my own monitor (and so others without in-ears or good monitoring can get that ambient sound) as well as send it to FOH, or in the rare cases I get great monitoring, I can just send them the FOH signal from the mains. I just won't plug in the on-stage amp if things are looking good and then I'm using the internal amp modelling (which the other effects only devices don't have).


Plus I can use it as a direct recording device when not gigging (also something the other boxes don't necessarily offer).


And I can STILL opt to use "all the features" if I have great monitoring (I'm in one band where this is the case, though Covid has killed all our gigs) and take advantage of all the amp/cab models


I would LOVE to know if anyone has used it like this - that is, used the FX loop direct to an amp rather than the Amp Out?


I mean who knows, the Amp out might actually make the preamps just sound like another drive pedal in line in some cases, so I may still can get a similar tone out of my amp as what FOH gets but it's nice to have that option of using teh FX send to send to my amp - as long as the signal is uncolored...

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Wow you posted a humoungous topic but I'll try to reply to what I know:


1) yes you can.

2) yes you can.

3) you can assign a sw to activate effects or change parameters (that is, swap between a min and a max setting), you can also do it multi-parameters (one sw press does more than one thing at the same time).

4) reading the manual you can assign EXP2 either to an expression pedal or two external fw, if so I guess they act like all the other built-in fw.

5) you can move any block just anywhere. you can also put your cab at first place if you fancy so!

6) you can put anything in the 4 free blocks, including EQs of course.

7) you can see all the fx list in the manual. they are differentiated by the line fill color (M series is a color, helix type are another color).

8) don't know that

9) tipycally all the phisical parameters of the fxs (and amps) have been trasposed to the modelled parameters list.

10) you can do that. you can assign any parameter from whatever effect to the exp pedals.


Bare in mind that I don't have the unit but I'm pretty sure of what I've written having read a lot of posts and a lot of reviews.

The second part of your post could make sense, I mean using the fx send as virtual "amp-out" signal, just bare in mind that you need to set properly the position of revs and delays (typically you don't put them before your amp simulation).

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For My Situation I'd go HX Stomp and put a couple Drive pedals and a comp on a NANO max pedal board, when the 3.0 update comes out you can have an entire rig in the stomp, if you use mono effects that is, and lower dsp effects.

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