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Are We Victims Of A Psychological Trick Or Is It Just Plain Neglect?


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You see when you communicate to an entity and that entity doesn't reply we crave answers and become stuck in mystery. 


We fill that mystery with anything plausible to fill the void. Sticking us further.


It is like that with Line 6. Many of us communicate on this forum in the hope we will be heard, understood and acknowledged.


There is you.

There is I.

We are known as the Line 6 community forum.


We only have each other.


Now for some unsticking.


We the users are making our stand here today; and reclaiming our rights.


Thus forth, no one from Line 6 , the developer, manufacturer is welcome here to the user forum to comment or respond to any posts in any way no matter how many times asked or begged by the uninitiated.


Herewith and henceforth any user on the forum asking or by inference implying for a comment from Line 6 can be admonished by any other user for doing so.


Any line 6 personnel answering or engaging in the forum shall be reported and be open for censor by any Line 6 user.


We the Line 6 POD HD Community have spoken.

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