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Using The Line6 M9 Looper As A Delay Pedal: With Demo Video

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Hey guys, been having a lot of fun lately setting short loops on my Line 6 M9 and having them trail out like a delay pedal. This is instant fun and can bring out some cool creativity. Wanted to share the process with anyone who would like to try it as well. Should work on the M13 as well. AOK.gif


The key is setting up the Looper settings. I have my Looper settings as follows:


LPR Post

Play: about 3/4 lit

Overdub: about 1/3 lit

No hi/low cut used at all 


This allows you to set short samples of loop and treat those like a delay trail. As long as you stay in "record/overdub" mode, your loops will trail out and only the most recent recordings will play back, just like a delay pedal. 




Here is a breakdown of how you can use the Looper/Delay functions:


(1) Delay Time: the distance in time between your first tap on record and your second tap


(2) Feedback: you can get more audible repeats by raising the "Overdub" level in settings


(3) Delay Mix: you can adjust more/less mix by adjusting the "Play" level in settings


(4) If you want infinite repeats or "hold" on a certain section -- just move from record/overdub to "Play." This will capture the last phrase length and allow you to just play dry over it without any repeats. 


(5) Using the Half/Speed and Reverse switches will bring in some interesting effects. If you record Half speed and toggle the switch, it will double the "repeats" and vice versa. Same with the reverse-- just remember, it is only affecting the last phrase you played. You can tap these buttons in-time with your tempo you're playing at for some cool effects. 


(6) Hitting "Play Once" will stop the loop/trails completely. If you want to fade out, just stay on "record/overdub" and hold your last chord. This will trail out like a delay. 




Happy Looping/Delaying!! food-smiley-005.gif

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