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More modern Amplifiers and cabs in Line 6 arsenal.


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Since I purchased the 500X a few years back, have been in love with modeling and using Line 6 products. They are very user friendly, easy to use and it's really up to the user to create great tones. I really enjoy the Custom Tones forum to upload other individuals patches. One thing I'm disappointed about though is a lack of modern tone that just rips, bites and cuts through mixes.


Feel like there's a big emphasis on popular and classic when there is much more variety to be had. There's a Peavey 5150 in presets but no JSX which was a phenomenal sounding head. Options for Mesa Boogie products are available but no Randall products. Dimebag Darrell played Randall and is known widely around the world for his shredding. Scott Ian played Randall, Kirk Hammett plays Randall. Even Laney heads would be cool. Would love to see a Framus Cobra in the arsenal someday as well. 


Also, I see a lot of options for Celestion speakers but Eminence makes fairly good speakers as well.

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Have you checked these ones out?  These are the ones which just come first to mind for high gain, excluding those you've already mentioned, but likely more than a few others!


  • Derailed Ingrid Based on: Trainwreck Circuits® Express
  • Placater Dirty  Based on: Friedman® BE-100
  • Archetype Lead  Based on: Paul Reed Smith® Archon®
  • ANGL Meteor  Based on: ENGL® Fireball 100
  • Solo    Based on: Soldano SLO-100
  • Revv Gen Red   Based on: Gain 2 channel of the Revv®
  • Line 6 Badonk  Based on: Line 6 Original inspired by the original

Cutting through the mix is often more a function of EQ rather than 'amp' itself, but yeah gain also might impact..   So use the EQ!


Also are you choosing your cab and mic + placement?  The default cabs/mics aren't the greatest imho, to get a good feel about the amps, you're better off setting up your Go not to automatically switch cab when you change amps.  That way you can get familiar with cab + mic, and then get familiar with each of the amps.   Otherwise when changing amps it changes cab/mic & you then can't hear the amp vs cab/mic if you get what I mean, and imho you'll hear more of the amp/mic than amp itself...


I'm guessing that you're also using a distortion pedal or boost?  Many have an effect on the FR (frequency response) so choosing the 'right' distortion pedal might help you cut through!  Also choosing the correct mic + cab would also certainly help cutting through the mix; many of the 4x amps have a 'rounder' FR, some of the 2x or 1x speakers being more mid-focused might also help you cut through!  And don't also forget that you can change the 'sag' and other cab/amps params to make the sound tighter however you might want to tweak. (likely mentioned in vid below).  But yeah, you should have plenty of high gain amps in Go!


 Also I just stumbled in this, might help!  (haven't watch it yet myself)



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Have been actually communicating with an audio engineer that has really helped me out and improve my experience. I'm very much out of the loop as far as technology and gear to where old habits die hard. I started playing bass guitar first than guitar second so Solo's and full chords are not second nature. That being said, came from a time when you had a guitar, a cable and an amp and clicked on the lead channel. Letting the Amp carry the weight.


Didn't even use or play with Tube screamers up until 4-5 years ago so you're spot on in the sense that EQ's have a lot to do with sound and tone as I never knew I needed it. When I was first tweaking the amps, I'd crank the gain up and got drive but everything else went out the window. Having the ts808 on constantly really tightened up the tone. The sweet spots I got were when gain/ drive was at 3, not 8. Hahaha.


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