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Stagesource L3S -- Use with 2 other Subs?

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Got an outdoor gig next weekend and need some advice.  I have 2 Stagesource L3t, 2 Stagesource L2t and a single Stagesource L3s sub -- which are great and all I have needed for most indoor gigs.  But since this a large outdoor space, I wanted to increase my low end by using another sub or two.  My singer has a pair of JBL EON 518s subs and I was thinking of using those. 


Would the following setup work?  Can I use the XLR outputs AND L6 link simultaneously?  Thoughts?

Stage 2.JPG

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Yes, it will work

The analogue outputs on the back of the L3s are straight forward pass-thru's so whatever is on the analogue inputs is on the analogue outputs.

The L6Link should send on a digitised L/R signal


But, if it were me, I think I'd be more likely to run into the JBL's first and then passthru them into the L3s and onward with the L6Link

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No particular reason and certainly not one with a technical basis. 

The only technical advantage I can see is that by going into the JBL's first you leave yourself the option of running passthru to the remaining Line6 tops in analogue from the L3s *if* the l6link doesn't play ball.

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