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HX FX channel switching the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe?


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Hi there!
Try to HRD Fender switching channel by HX FX using a stereo-stereo cable.
Using snapshot, successfully with clean/drive switching (tip to sleeve , ring to sleeve), i have questions:
1, Anybody know how to add function "More gain" when you're using the Drive channel? I try both None, T + R of EXT Amp but not work. Maybe change to TS at footswitch input jack of the Amp? (can see Fender use that kind of cable connector)
2, The Fender footswitch has LED, so i think the footswitch input jack of the Amp have electronic, is it harm the HX FX unit?
Many thanks.

hot rod f.jpg

HRD footswitch_schem.png

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Yeah, I would try a TS and TRS and see if that works. But I’m my experience, it struggles to switch between more than 2 modes (clean and drive). My Blackstar HT40 has two other voice modes that I can’t seem to activate, no matter what I’ve tried.

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HX Devices can only do basic channel switching.... it can short Tip/Sleeve to control one item, and Ring/Sleeve to control another. 

The Hot Rod footswitch only uses Tip/Sleeve to control 2 relays, and their corresponding LED's. The footswitch is a circuit, the HX only touches two wires together.



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