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Questions on controling Helix with MIDI cc


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Two-ish questions


First, what I want to do but suspect isn't possible. Is there anyway to use MIDI cc to control the Helix's Knob's values. The manual shows global cc assignments for expression pedals, footswitches, and Looper controls - but not for the knobs. I'd like to be able to use some knobs on a nanoKontrol instead of on the Helix itself because the nano is near my hands while the Helix knobs are closer to my feet.


Assuming the above is impossible I'd like to assign a cc to control a specific parameter on every preset in a setlist, for example setting cc80 to "Drive" on each preset. I know how to assign the cc on an individual preset but would prefer not to repeat the same task over and over and over and over and...

...and then start again for cc81 and cc82 and...

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19 hours ago, mjkatz914 said:

Your sure can.  I recommend looking at the Jet Pedals midi manual as they do a better job of explaining than LIne6.  It’s quite easy to do from their instructions. 


Thanks for the referral.


Scanning through their manual  I'm not finding anything that addresses my questions. Can you point out what I should be looking at?

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