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Spider V 240HC MKII high pitched noise when switching between presets


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Hello everyone,


I just got my new Spider V 240HC MK II and I encountered a problem. 

While switching between presets I sometimes get a super high pitched and loud noise. Like someone scratching a nail over chalkboard. 

This happens at random, and I am now afraid to use headphones. I fear this noise through a headphone might damage my hearing.


I thought maybe it is a software problem and updated it, but the problem persists, even after I installed the newest firmware.


I used the head on its on with nothing else attached. Any idea or should I send it back to Thomann asap? 


Thank you for your help 

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I'm having this exact same problem.  I can't use the amp anymore because it's overwhelming.  With all knobs at zero, every turn of the preset selector gets louder as I approach "Insane" and it becomes unbearable.  I updated to the latest firmware 2.0 via the Line6 Updater V1.19 but it didn't change or fix anything with the sound.  Please help.



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