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Jtv-59 String Change

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Recently dropped the gauge of the stings down to extra slinky 8's.  After the usual tremolo adjustment noticed that the low E string volume was way, way louder than the rest.  Initially thought that this may be due to the individual volume (dB) adjustment on the string modelling, nope.  It's also happening using the straight pick-ups so guess it's combination of the slacker string, proximity to the pick-ups and a bridge height.


Does this sound about right? Anyone got any other ideas, I hate messing with the bridge action height because I seem to spend ages getting the intonation right again 



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8's? Can you even see those with the naked eye? ;)


These guitars can get cranky if the wind changes direction...doesn't surprise me that the piezos are behaving differently with a different gauge string. The mag pickup volume is more puzzling though, unless the string height is half of what it was, I wouldn't have thought it would change that much.

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They were designed to work with 10's - so they should provide the optimum performance out of them - but other gauges can be used with success but you may have to tinker with string volumes in Workbench to allow for any differences introduced by the string gauge change.


The mags should not be affected much at all - certainly individual string volume should remain the same if you have not altered bridge height.     Are your strings particularly close to the mags?   Even if they were very close, I still can't think why the low E would be much louder by using a lighter gauge string.

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