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Well this is interesting...Headrush 112 and Alesis Strike Amp 12


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So I accidentally ended up with a brand new, and free, Alesis Strike Amp 12.  No, it's not 'hot'.  It's the result of an unusual shipping issue.  Since I had no purpose for it I was curious if it could pass playing the Helix, or mirroring my Fishman PA.  Of course I'll be testing it but in researching info in the meantime I realized it looks exactly like the Headrush FRFR-112, including the I/O and controls on the back.


Anyone know if the electronics are the same?  Both are shown as 12" 2000 watts.  I doubt they are any different, and Alesis just charges $30 more.


Update 1: I edited the post as I had it way wrong (Gearpage article was comparing 108 to Alesis Amp 12).  108 is 8", so the Headrush 112 is likely exactly the same as the Alesis Strike Amp 12, but $30 less. (I think the 8 and 12 in the names indicate something, but what???).


In the end, I'd love to play the Headrush 112 and Alesis Amp 12 side by side, on both guitar and electronic drums, just to see if there is a difference.

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If you walk through box stores you will see the same coffee maker or toasters with 5 different names on it!


White label products are very common. "Company A" makes a generic product and markets it to any number of company's. Quite often they are willing to make a couple tiny changes, and attach the appropriate logo. Company's that buy into these programs usually don't specialize in those departments, but simply want a piece of the pie!

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4 hours ago, Laserheart said:

Yes, they are all the same speaker.  My question is whether or not they have different EQ setups.  One is marketed as a drum amp, and another is marketed as a guitar amp.


"Marketed" being the operative term here... Brochures say lots of things. Mostly they say whatever the advertising department thinks will make a particular demographic most likely to part with their money... and it's nearly always bull$hit. You can make just about anything sound fancy and suited to a particular task if you do it right. Just ask the army...They refer to a nut... as in the things that screws go into... as a "hexa-form rotatable surface compression unit". You do the math, lol...

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