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Ernie ball volume jr as expression on tip?

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Trying to do the thing where i assign expression pedal to channel volume to save a block. I’m using a trs y cable as I’m wanting to also run tap/tempo on external footswitch. Everything works fine except I’m getting that weird thing where the vp jr on heel will have the channel level at 0 (as desired) then about 2/3 of the way to toe position it’s already to 10 (meh) then all the way to toe position it returns to 0 channel volume (nope). I just want to make sure this volume pedal is proven as compatible For this purpose before I start ripping my hair out with factory Resets and sub menus,

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Apparently the VPJR is not meant to be an expression pedal in the first place: https://ernieball.com/guitar-accessories/pedals/volume-pedals#P06180

So where do you plug the Y cable in? Input or Output jack? Does that make any difference?

On the Helix, have you checked the Global Settings > Preferences > Tip Polarity setting?

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