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Line6 Podxt Dont Have Disotrted Sound

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In the morning i just turned on the POD to play with my guitar for a bit and there was no heavy sound.I usually use my own and saved presets and it wasnt distorted.Sounded more like low volume overdrive.Really lollipopy sound.First i thought i was my guitar's active pickup battery.It wasnt.I changed cables i flashed the pod's memory and put it back on and nothing happend.Is there any explanation about what happened with it or what might cause the problem?
Thank you in advance!

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Hi, and sorry to see you run into this problem. With you having reflashed the unit, I can't offer anything other than it is likely a hardware issue that can only be tracked down at a service center. Please contact the distributor that covers Bulgaria for help with a repair.


ProTechnica GmbH

(PDR ID: 101177)

Freunder Weg 90

52068 Aachen


Tel: +359 2 9782025

Fax: +359 2 9785870

Contact: Antonii Georgiev

Email: tonto@pro-technica.com

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how are you monitoring it?   I know you change the cables.  I've noticed in the past when I got a short in my headphone cable  it had a very low volume, far away sound.   Just a thought.

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