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HX Stomp - split paths for live rig - Bass


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Hey gang!

recently bought a HX stomp to overhaul my live rig - so far so good!


What I want to do, is set up an FX chain with an amp/cab block and assign 2 outputs


1 sends the “amped” signal with FX to FOH/PA

2 sends just the FX to my amp (no amp block)


My typical chain of blocks looks like:

so I’m low on blocks.

My bass amp doesn’t have an FX loop FYI


The stomp is a powerful tool so hopefully I’m just missing a simple trick with mixing the output?

I've watched a bunch of videos and read a bunch of topics but nothing seems to touch in exactly what I want to do - hopefully that doesn’t mean it’s impossible!


thanks in advance everyone!

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I'd do it this way...


Move the amp/cab block to a parallel path after the FX using a Y split, then go to the mixer block, press action and move the mixer block onto the parallel path and then set it's output to whatever you want to use. 


The split and mixer blocks don't take up one of your 6 blocks. Just scroll to the point where the two paths diverge/meet and you can select...


Hope that helps... if not ask and I can get more specific.

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13 hours ago, jnaughty said:

so I’m low on blocks.


Try the Clawthorn Drive which combines OD & Fuzz so you can save a block.


15 minutes ago, KozMcCharlie said:

Move the amp/cab block to a parallel path after the FX using a Y split


That would mean the FOH signal will be on the Send output. It will work but it's not necessarily a good thing: a D.I. box will be necessary.


The better solution is using a Send block before the Amp/Cab, thus using the Send output to feed the backline amp. The Amp/Cab block then goes to Main Out which is a balanced output; with a TRS-to-XLR adapter it is even "FOH-ready". Been there done exactly that, and it worked great:1862527774_Screenshot2020-08-11at12_47_43.png.30fcce1938f7754ab13fe6c573c402c2.png

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