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Headphone Output volume/pan not central


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I was wondering if any of you have experienced any issues with the headphone output of the Helix LT or Helix Floor?
I have an Helix LT connected as an audio interface to my Windows 10 laptop.  I only use headphones and like to jam along with YouTube and guitar pro and  recently when I listen to a preset through my headphones connected to the output jack of my Helix LT, the panning/volume is all wonky and is not balanced with the right side noticeably louder than the left. The issue is across all my patches including factory and user). The issue seems to be volume related, if you crank up the amp or add a distortion block it seems to pan harder to the right and becomes very off putting.  If you turn the volume knob below 12 o’clock the panning balances better, turn the volume knob up to 3 o’clock or to full then panning is almost hard right and I can hardly hear anything from the left as if you’ve have duff headphones.  As a temporary work around I have to pan the output block at the end the chain by at least 30% to the left to balance the sound.

I've tried different 1/4 inch adapters and different headphones, I have some in ear monitors and a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 pro 250 ohm and the issue persists. I have even sought a second opinion from my wife who agrees there is Definitely a panning/volume issue.

There is no problems when listening to music and videos from YouTube etc. It only affects my guitar patches.

Also, this seemingly started happening out of nowhere. I do not recall making any changes to global settings, but perhaps that is where the problem is?
I am updated to firmware version 2.92 and have been since it was released. 

Out of desperation I have completed a factory reset and even rolled back the firmware to 2.8 and reinstalled 2.92 with no joy and I am now worried it may be a hardware issue.

Everything has been working fine until now. If anybody could help me figure this out, I would really appreciate it! Thank you.

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Hmmm... there have definitely been reports on this forum of similar issues, with one of the headphone output channels being lower in volume than the other, and I think they were generally hardware faults. However, if you're *not* hearing this problem from computer audio streamed through Helix, then that pretty much rules out the headphone amp hardware as being the source of the problem. Very weird. Are you sure the volume knob is at the same level for the computer audio, as it is for your guitar patches, where you hear the problem?

If it really is happening for guitar audio, but not streamed audio, and a factory reset doesn't fix it, then maybe something with one of the A/D chips has gone screwy for the guitar output? Does the problem happen on path 1 and path 2?

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Andy, I have a similar issue with my Helix floor. I just happened to plug in some headphones today and noticed first a faint distortion in the left channel and now it seems to have a level drop too. The problem only seems to occur through headphones. I run my helix in stereo through an amp and don't have any issue. Is your left channel distorted too?

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Thanks for the response guys, I have seen other reports in the forum of similar issues and fear it maybe a hardware fault :-(

The problem/issue is present on both DSP paths, I don’t notice any distortion in the left channel just a lower volume (or louder right channel) which gives the impression you have a broken wire or headphone driver.

I’ll keep monitoring it for now and use the workaround, with the rumoured FW 3.0 around the corner I’ll see if that changes anything before I set to raising a support ticket with Line 6.

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I have the same issue. My left channel has lower volume and also distorted sound.

I've been having this issue for a while but didn't get round to looking into it.

I have no idea when exactly it started. Shure hope it's not a hardware issue.

With me it also affects the sound coming from my PC

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