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Acoustic model tuning issues/bad artifacts

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Hey, gang!

I finally picked up a JTV 89F!  Super excited and I’ve been having a blast the last couple of days with my Helix!

The problem I’m having is when using the acoustic 5 (jumbo?) in standard tuning it’s great but if I change the tuning to half step down it sounds horrible and the artifacts make it totally unusable!

It is “used” but updated to the latest firmware. 
I was told to reinstall the firmware again.  Does this sound right or is it something else?  
Thanks for the guidance. 

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It's a virtual certainty that what everybody has already mentioned is exactly what's happening... unless the volume is really cranked, we always hear the guitar acoustically when we play. It's impossible not to... the strings are inches from your ears. Most of the time this is easily ignored in favor of whatever is coming out of the speakers. However, when the notes that are coming from the speakers are no longer the same as what you're hearing acoustically, dissonance is inevitable... particularly at close intervals like a 1/2 step. Turn it up, and the problem will go away.

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It's called the 'dual tone effect'. It's what happens when you hear the standard tuning of the string, together with the signal from the amp.

Typical remedy is using headphones, or turning up the amp.


Also, the tuning and intonation on these needs to be spot on more so than the usual everyday guitar,.


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