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Pod Hd500x


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I just got my POD HD500X from Musician's Friend today. Does anyone have any tips, advice or anything of that nature?

For a little insight -  At home, I'll be running it through 2x12 Spider combo amp or one of my PCs; musically, anything goes.  

For practice/gigs, I use a Blackstar Stage 100 and Mesa 4x12. We're death metal with old-school & thrash influences.


Any feedback is appreciated.



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There are dozens (probably more) threads already in this forum that deal with exactly this. I think you'll learn a lot by doing a little searching and reading here. Reading the manual is a good start, too.


Then you will have some specific questions to help you further once you've got the basics.

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Hello from a newbie,


I'm thinking about getting a pod hd500x, to use with my two spider valve amps.


I like running two amps together, and having different amp tones on each amp.


What I would like to know is, if it is possible to use the hd500x so that i can run two different amp types out of the pod, using left and right outputs - going to the two spider amps.

I am aware that you can have a dual amp rig within the hd500x, but can that configuartion remain separate through the unit, and remain that way - out of the L & R outputs. I would like to be able to set up two different amp and effects chains in the pod, and send one amp sound L to one of my spider valve amps, and the other amp tone R to the other amp.


I do realise there are lots of different possibilities to achieve the same thing - just using the two spider valve amps, without anything else. However, Like the DT25 / 50 can do with a pod, I would like to have even more options available from the pod, and run into the power amp of each spider valve amp.


Does the hd500x work that way, or is it able to be set up using a combination of two amp and effect chains - which are then mixed together to get one unique amp sound - which then goes to the outputs ?


Have I explained what I would like to achieve with an hd500x ? As i said, I am a newbie, and thought this would be the best place to ask this question.


Thanks for any help. I didn't see this question asked or answered anywhere else . . . or have I missed something  ;-)





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Does the hd500x work that way, or is it able to be set up using a combination of two amp and effect chains - which are then mixed together to get one unique amp sound - which then goes to the outputs ?


You can't control your Spiders via Line6 Link. Err.. If willing to tamper with MIDI - and them Spiders have it - at least one amp can be controlled with it, i believe. But. It is possible to make stereo setups for your 2 amps. After all, you do get stereo outputs when you get your HD.


Aaand it is possible toi make separate effect chains. Fine details can be found in manuals.

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Read pages 3-7 to 3-10 of the advanced guide, it tells you how to program the expression pedal.  Look in the Knowledge Base too and Google You Tube.

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Thanks for the replies. I understand that the spider valve mk ii doesn't have the connectivity with a hd500x that at dt25/50 has. I was not hoping to achieve anything like that. I only want to use the L & R 1/4" outputs from the pod - sent to each spider valve amp return / power amp input. Basically utilzing the ability of the pod, to provide an alternative front end for the spider valve.


The question was basically  >  from one guitar input, can the signal be split to two separate chains - with whatever amp and effects are in each chain ( without having to combinie the dual chains at the mixer)  >  send the seperate chains to the L & R outputs > on to the spider valve amps ?


I only want to use the pod to provide 2 chains  >  one going R, the other going L.  I would have thought that it was 'do-able' with the power of the 500x, and with all the I/O available . . . ?


I don't want to get in pedantics, or all the technical stuff,  or the rights or wrongs of what I am wanting to achieve. I don't 'know' much at all about the possibilities or fine workings of the the beast. I can hopefully learn the marvels of the hd500x as I progress. However, if what I am wanting to do - can't be done - I won't buy the hd500x. There are other ways to achieve what I am wanting to do - i just wondered - for simplicity sake, and floor space - if i could achieve that aim with the hd500x.


Thanks for your input.

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I have a line 6 hd 500x and recently I tried to connect my guitar through it to amplitube 3.but the problem is if I bypass my hd500x still in monitor I am getting the clean guitar along with the effects of amplitube 3.

Signal chain is:

Guitar > line 6 hd 500x ( bypass)> computer through USB> amplitube 3> hd500x> monitors..

Please suggest what is the problem and if I can use the line 6 hd500x as the interface without getting the clean tone on my monitors..

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