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Ghost Preamp into POD go - muffled to no sound


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I have a 70s Custom Telecaster that I installed a Graphtech Ghost Piezo system into with onboard preamp. I can plug this guitar into any amp and it sounds fine. 

I can plug it into my HX Stomp and it sounds fine. When I plug into my POD go it has enough signal to tune the guitar but only produces a muffled super low sound (unusable). 

If I plug my guitar into an eq and out to the POD go it sounds fine. If I plug it into an acoustic preamp and into the Pod go it sounds fine. 

I have - reset to factory settings, after the issue a new update popped up and I updated and it still doesn't work. 

I love my POD go but can't use it on this one guitar. 

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Try the Guitar in Pad option in global settings. Try both on or off if it helps somehow.

Also, this may sound stupid but plug your guitar to the pod before turning the pod on. Someone here is experiencing different sound behaviours whether the guitar is connected before or after turning the unit on.

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