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HX Stomp Dry signal HX Native

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I will try to be as clear and brief as possible.

I have the following situation with using my HX Stomp with Helix Native. I'm using the USB 5 input which corresponds to the direct signal from the guitar without being processed by the HX Stomp and anyway when I record a signal(empty preset), if I change the preset on the stomp the signal is affected in its gain level which is not it should happen as usb 5 sends the totally clean raw signal through the stomp. 


I read in another topic on this forum a similar situation and one of the support responses was that it was a "Bug" which the Line 6 team was already working to fix in a future update.

I have read the manual, I have my HX Stomp with HX Edit updated just like Native.
I have the Hx Stomp driver installed.

I am using Cubase LE Al Elements 10.5 (Purchased) and my OS is MacOS Catalina 10.15.6.

If someone could help me I will be very grateful.

If I forgot something ... this is the first time I have written on this forum.



About the picture :  
- The guit 01 block corresponds to the usb 5 signal with an empty preset.

- The guit 02 block corresponds to the usb 5 signal with a preset created by me in the stomp.

- Guit 06 block corresponds to usb 5 using my scarlett focusrite and audio 01_06 is the signal using usb stereo input 1 and 2 (Signal processed) with a preset that I created.

**These last two blocks are irrelevant.**

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-10 at 20.17.00.jpeg

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