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HX Stomp or HX Effects?


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I recently picked up a Line 6 M5 after seeing it on so many rig rundowns and I love it, but I feel like it is slightly limiting (one 1 effect at a time, no looper, etc.) I knew this going in, but figured I'd be able to get past it but I have found myself going down the HX Stomp/HX Effects rabbit hole. I have a Fender Blues Junior amp, so the HX Effects would be the natural next step up from the M5/M9/M13. The Stomp would give me headphone capability, though, which is nice. I am a bedroom noodler, so this doesn't necessarily have to be super rugged. 


What do you guys think? How do you like the Stomp over the HX Effects or vice versa? I am leaning towards the HX Effects because of my existing amp and the number of foot switches over the Stomp, but maybe the 2x foot switches on the Stomp isn't that limiting?

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On 9/12/2020 at 7:10 PM, MusicLaw said:

So long as you don't need or want HX Stomp's numerous amps and cabs, HX FX's six footswitches win out over the Stomp. 


Found a full Helix and Powercab 112 plus locally for $1200. It's way more capability than I need, as this is a professional rig for sure, but I just couldn't justify the Stomp for it's obvious limitations (blocks available and foot switches) and the HX Effects because I'm not super in love with the Blues Junior. Don't get me wrong, the Blues Junior is a fantastic budget friendly amp, but I wanted to go digital and I think the BJ was getting in my way.


I think we had some interaction over at TGP, so thank you for the help!


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