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Anyone else getting clipping when using effects loop?


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Bit confused...  I'm using the effects loop for a looper, and with some patches, there is some clipping noise when going through the effects loop and looper...  Ex:


1) I go to patch one, activate the effects loop, record a phrase though the looper, all is fine.

2) I switch patch, play a bit, sounds fine.

3) I activate the effects loop, the looper plays fine.

4) I play, but now I'm getting some clipping noise (not from the looper, but from the current guitar/patch sound) when the effects loop is active...


At first I thought it had to do with levels, but even lowering the Go's effects loop out volume so that it's really not loud, I'm still getting the clipping...  And it seems to do so only with some patches...   My effects loop is the last effect of the Go's chain.


I even tried with another Looper (Have an ammoon and an Akai), and the akai seemed much worse than the ammoon; the ammoon sounds fine with some patches, but clips with others.  The akai seemed to clip much worse for more patches from what I can recall...


Thanks!  :\


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OK it seems to be a level issue...  When I reduce the effect out volume by a lot (ex -6dB), which is barely audible, the clipping goes away.


Test1:  Guitar -> Looper -> Go Effect in (last effect in chain), it works fine, there is no clipping, but the volume is about the same as the above -6dB for effects loop out, which is barely audible...


Test2: Guitar -> Go -> effects loop out -> looper -> Guitar Amp guitar In.   Works fine, no clipping


So basically seems to be an issue with the Pod Go effect in.  It seems to be able to output a 'loud' signal, but when it goes back in through its own effects loop, it will clip.  But, it's with a louder signal than you'd get with just a regular guitar, even with active PUs...


Anybody else getting the same?  I was thinking that I could also likely reproduce the issue by just using a patch cable (cable from/to effect loop in/out), but I don't get the issue with a patch cable.  So it seems to be a combination of guitar pedal + Go...   So I'm guessing it's an impedance issue with the Pedal + PGo, but only with higher levels?



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Ok I'm getting a lot of incoherence...   Turned everything off, then I went back to the Akai E2 Head Rush, and I'm not getting any clipping anymore, even though as I did mention, earlier I was getting a lot of noise/clipping it with...  So I really don't get it, smells like the Go maybe detects impedance at startup and sets itself up for whatever's plugged in, and if you plug in something afterwards it might not work well?  That's my guess...


Something cool though I noticed, which if it isn't a bug is a cool feature:  If you switch patch while the looper is looping, the Go is smart enough to keep the effects loop as the last bit of the chain (the same spot it was when you started looping), and then even if it shows the effects loop say before the amp, it still works as if it was last...  So basically, you're getting the 'correct' looper sound instead of the Go moving the effects loop before the amp and distorting it...  BUT, you cannot disable it via the Pod Go footswitches, if you try to do so, it will cut out the Guitar in sound, and not the looper...  And if the effect loop was off by default, it will show as off but actually be on, and if pressed, switch will light up, but it will mute your guitar and the FX loop will still be on and your looper will keep looping...  (Trail settings for FX loop?  Maybe!)


So much confusion...


[edit] ok just figured out something.  The footswitch to disable the FX loop doesn't disable the 'entire' FX loop, just the FX loop OUT.  The IN is always active no matter if FX Loop is on/off.  


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Hi! Sorry to bump an old topic.
I'm having the exact same issue with my RC-500 into the FX loop of my Catalyst 100, but ONLY when using the XLR Output, if I'm using the phones output, it's not clipping. Very weird... Anyone found a solution or workaround?

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