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HX Edit UI Bug - Window Offscreen

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I've noticed a bug while using HX Edit. If a user were to expand the window to show the setlist while the screen is maximized then the window is partially cut off because it goes offscreen (image 4, highlighted in blue). This would make it inconvenient for a user because they cannot see the path outputs, nor the parameter values unless they resize the window.


I believe the fix for this would be to resize the "main view container" when the setlist is expanded/collapsed instead of resizing the whole window. 


Would someone from line 6 support be able to review this? Please see my notes below. 




Steps to Reproduce

  1. Maximize the HX Edit window with the setlist expanded (image 1)
  2. Collapse the setlist (image 2)
  3. Maximize the HX Edit window (image 3)
  4. Expand the setlist (image 4)
  5. Parameter values and path outputs offscreen

1 -Full Screen with Setlist.jpg

2- Full Screen Setlist Collapsed.jpg

3 - Full Screen Setlist Collapsed Maximized.jpg

4 - Full Screen Setlist Expanded While Maximized.jpg

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