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Frozen scribble-strips (but the switches all work)


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I've got a relatively new Helix (bought about 2 months ago), and, lately, I've noticed that, after it has been left on for a couple of days, the scribble strips get stuck on what they're displaying (I've got the Helix set to use all of the switches as effects on/off switches, so the patch selections should only come up when I press Bank Up or Bank Down). Problem is, when I press Bank Up/Down, the strips don't change... they're stuck displaying the names of the effects. If I press one of the footswitches, the patch does change, but the scribble-strips never get updated... they're stuck at displaying the effects from the old patch.


Restarting the Helix fixes it... for a couple of days. This running firmware 2.92, I believe (Helix Edit says I'm up-to-date).


Has anybody else experienced this? Is there a known fix?

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