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Helix vs Pod HD


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It's easy to say "yes, in every way", but it depends on your needs. I had a desktop HD, and I thought the sounds were really good (I thought that about my Digitech GNX3k, too, so maybe I have low standards). But Helix has a LOT more on tap in building complex sounds/FX chains. The problem there is usually the UI; flexibility and complexity come at the cost of usability. But the Helix UI is so slick IMO that everything is pretty straightforward and intuitive - to me, anyway.


And of course the sounds are better in most folks' opinions. And IR capabilities expand that a lot. I don't use IRs for cabs any more, but I use them to EQ my various headphones & speakers. SO cool.


You should be able to get a good Peter Green (R.I.P.) tone, provided you have his OOP pickup wiring on your Paul. 

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I"ve had every iteration of POD and then the Helix. The Helix is what I've been waiting for. The amps just seem more musical and do not sound as "processed" as the previous Line 6 modelers. They also respond better to your guitar's volume i.e. you can get into the subtle break up with just your guitar's volume knob which you really couldn't with the other modelers. If you can afford it, I would go for it. You do still have to do some tweaking, but I found it wasn't near as much as the HD500(X). Just my opinion. I'm not a pro.The next gen of modeler had better be something special for me to put out any more money on these things. I'm very happy,. The reverbs seem to be lacking a bit, but i thought that was always true with Line 6 modelers. Definitely useable but I've heard better in much older technology (Alesis Quadraverb). That could change.

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3 hours ago, titchyblackcat said:

I'm debating buying a Helix. So, is it that much better than my Pod HD ?

Way back at the beginning of this digital modelling age I started out with the original big red kidney bean POD, then moved to a PODxt Live in 2006 moving on the POD HD500 four years later, and ultimately the Helix in 2015. Always onwards and upwards, never regretted a moment, (even though I got sidetracked by the BOSS GT for a short time, and toyed with the idea of the Fractal - ultimately - nah!). This stuff just keeps getting better and better, plus it’s light years ahead of the POD HD.


If you are after Peter Green tones they should be pretty straight forward to create. His set up was really simple and all the bits are in there. Bear in mind, your old HD presets are NOT transferable. The sound creation engine is completely different, and much better.


What’s to debate - do it.

Version 3.0 firmware in the pipeline, that’s got to make you want to jump to a new platform. 

Hope this helps/makes sense.

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42 minutes ago, titchyblackcat said:

I'm sure my Pod 2 has more pleasing tone than the HD that's why i'm thinking of trying a Helix.


You and me both. I found the HD 500 harder to dial in compared to my Original POD Bean and X3 Live. 

I made the move to a Helix LT about 2 years ago and have never regretted it for one second. It's a great sounding unit, easy to use, and enjoyable to use!


As for Peter Green tones...  there is no reason you can't get those out of a Helix. The harder part is getting them out of yourself :)  (ie: playing like him)


And as @jester700 brings up.... you can't get the out of phase tones without having a Les Paul that is out of phase. If you are not comfortable doing that yourself, it's a really easy job for any guitar tech. 15 minutes on a bench for a permanent swap (like Peter Green had) or 30 - 60 minutes and a push pull to make it an option! If that is not one of the tones you are after... no need to have it done. 

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I started out on some great tube amps back in the day but switched to modelers in early 2000s. Used Boss, Vox, modelers as well as Line6 HD500. Never felt they were at the level of the real thing. The Helix has the subtlety of the real thing and if they never upgraded again it’d be content with my Helix Floor. But I am a gear hound so if they do upscale again, I’ll likely chase it. 

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