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HX Stomp problem on PA and real AMP


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Hello everyone, 


I have a problem with my HX Stomp. I bought it 6 months ago and been using it as both audio interface or plugged into my scarlett ever since. I'm really satisified.

Lately, I decided to use it as an effect stomp in front of a tube amp (effects only, no amp or IRs) or straight into the PA. All I got from these two scenarios was disturbing noise and no sound.

The routing signal has always been: guitar - jack cable - Hx stomp - jack cable coming out of the L/mono main output - Amp or PA. Nothing worked.

Needless to say, I checked all the cables I used and they're all good, I used 4 different amps, 3 PAs.


Has anyone ever experienced something similar?


PS: as audio interface or in front of my Scarlett (L/mono output to interface preamp) works very well.


Thanks so much!

Love to all  


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Something isn’t adding up here... You’re saying that the Stomp’s 1/4” out works when you plug it into the Scarlett, but it doesn’t work when you plug it into an amp or a PA? I just don’t see how that could be. We’re you powering the Stomp the same way in every case? When you connected to the amp, did you try setting the Stomp to Bypass All to see if signal was coming through?

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Well I'm not sure it depends on the 1/4" ouput. No bypass signal working on amp or PA and I've just plugged the stomp back in my home studio and works perfectly. 

In golbal settings > ins/outs everything is set on Instrument and I think that's the way it should be. 

Am i missing somenthing?



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