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No, Pod Go cannot run parallel routing or allow you more than one cab and amp model at a time.  It is not a Helix, it's a 'Pod' that benefits from Helix modelling.  If you need those sophistications, the Helix LT will likely be your best option from a cost perspective, particularly as used prices have reduced significantly, partly due to Pod Go arriving on the scene.   There are other differences eg in Pod Go you can't currently name 'snapshots' but in Helix/Helix LT you can, and in Pod Go it has a single rather than the dual processor in Helix/Helix LT.  Pod Go architecture means you have certain 'fixed' blocks that you cannot change eg you can change an amp, cab, EQ, Volume, Wah for different types of each, but you can't make an EQ a chorus, distortion pedal etc.  You then have UP TO 4 user blocks.  Different amps & FX use different amounts of DSP processing, so depending on the models you choose you may have some options restricted.  Helix and LT are much more powerful and you have greater flexibility/options but these units are a lot more expensive, and a lot bigger and heavier.  


Pod Go does sound exactly the same as Helix though, but is missing 3 very DSP intensive FX that are too draining for Line 6 to offer effectively in Pod Go.  It's early days, but Pod Go is unlikely to benefit from Helix upgrades because it is not a Helix and doesn't have the processing power.  So far Line 6 firmware updates have only focussed on fixing bugs, but as yet Pod Go has had no true upgrades of features.  It's a very good unit, but it's a much simpler beast than Helix, intended for a different market. 

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