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How to change PodGo Edit's standard directory?


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Hi Line6ers,


as far as I came to know PodGo Edit is of the opinion that there is only 1 suitable standard directory on any PC worldwide where presets should be saved into.

But I want to save my presets on disk D instead of disk C and into a special directory there. I could not find any option to permanently change the location target.


Does anybody in this forum know the secret how to do this?


Thanks in advance

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I don't know what's the default folder for the presets, if on the install directory or in the user folder, but my suggestion would be: uninstall edit software and reinstall on disk D, and see if also the presets goes into D.

If they are still saved on the user folder, you can set that path globally at os level to go into D disk. 


Remember you can always make a backup of all and save wherever you want. 

Anyway I don't think the presets take up a lot of space. 

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Hi cristt,


thanks for your help.


Indeed the standard directory is POD Go Edit's installation folder, in my case C:/Programme (X86)/Line6/POD Go Edit.

I installed POD Go Edit as suggested by the L6 installation routine.


All my audio projects are on a separate disk. It’s not a question of space but of file management and data safety.

In my Cubase DAW eg I can simply change the directory once and it works for the future. So do I in many other apps .

I hoped to do this with POD Go Edit as well but it obvoiously doesn’t work.


Thanks for your hints: the first I did after buying my Pod Go was a complete backup.

And from then on I save every changed preset on my PC.


I am no PC guru so I shy away from changing anything within the operation system or registry.

I think it it easier to hope on L6 for a further Pod Go Edit software update. Haha!

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