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Hey guys! Help me please with this. The problem is that I cannot edit the presets on the desktop (Line 6 Edit), because every time I press a key the message appears:

Unhandled exception in AWT dispatch thread
Type: java.lang.Runtime.Exception
Message: Non-Java exception raised, not handled! (Original problem: Deprecated in 10_12 ... DO NOT EVER USE CGSEventRecord directly. Bad things, man ... bad things.)

This same message, in a window for each key.
On the other hand, scrolling up / down in the presets list gets stuck. And with the first problem, it becomes impossible to select a group of presets.

Has this problem, something to do with Java? I already installed several versions of Java and I have no solution. I hope you can help me. I love my pedal board but editing presets has become a headache. I'm using an iMac, mid 2011 with macOS High Sierra. 


Captura de pantalla 2020-09-27 a la(s) 22.35.20.png

Captura de pantalla 2020-09-28 a la(s) 20.47.32.png

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I know this is a long time to reply but I've just leapt from El Capitan to Mojave. The way I get around this nuttiness is by just using the mouse, I don't have the same problem with the scrolling as you mentioned, so I can select, edit and save presets with the mouse, as well hide and quit the programme. The ball acher is naming a preset, but if you just save it as Default Tone and locate and rename the file itself, it comes straight up with the new name in the file browser. You can do it one letter at a time, pressing the 'Continue' button after each entry, which is OK for adding a two or three letters like Wah or DM2, but obviously not good for longer names,


I have spent many many hours creating tones for all my guitars, including bass, and to think I couldn't use my beloved Podxt again made me feel distraught, so these ways of getting it to work fully, was a blessed relief!


I DID however install Java runtime that made it run on ElCapitan (SE6 I think) before I ran Line 6 Edit on Mojave, maybe that will solve your scrolling issues?

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