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HX Stomp Power Usage


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Don't know... but what I do know is that electronic devices draw the amount of current they need, so as long as the power supply isn't under powered for the unit it's plugged into, then it's a non-issue. Power supplies that come with a given device are often capable of putting out more juice than that device actually requires.

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I talked to James Lebihan from Mission Engineering a few days back and he told me that the HX Stomp may require up to 2A in order to run completely stable, although some people may never have any trouble if they use a 1A power supply, just because they never push their Stomp to its limits.

OTOH, I tend to think that the HX Stomp is a "work in progress" kind of gear, and with some future firmware updates its power requirements may increase. So, if we want to play really safe and with a "future proof" mindset, I think we should use a 3A power supply, just like Line 6 did.

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