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Hi all, 


My first post and yes a serious doubt !!!!


In your opinion which of the following will perform better in a rehearsal situation and on small gigs and perform better as a stage monitor and why ? Which one will pair better with an Helix LT ?

( I don't want QSCs, HR or Altos or whatever )





Line 6 Powercab

Laney LFR-112

Tech 21 Power Engine Deuce Deluxe

Harley Benton G212A-FR ( new )



Thanks in advance !

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The one I own - which happens to be a pair of PC+s connected to my Helix via L6 Link.


I also own a pair of DT25s but stopped using them, because I'm to lazy to faff around with patches too much and want a smooth consistent work flow - which FRFR gives me.


But honestly unless you find someone who owns all of these do you expect another sort of opinion?  There's threads all over the place comparing the various solutions and in the end its all subjective and relative to your requirements.


The only way you'll really know is to try them - in the wild as in store won't cut it.

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I have the Powercab Plus. It does the job quite well. 


I went with the plus thinking that I would use it as the IR loader and save DSP in the Helix. But that was abandoned due too now treating the Helix as a "studio" Like adding EQ and compression at the end of the chain like Jason Sadites on YouTube shows.   Also, it's just easier for the IRs to be in Helix.


So the standard Powercab would serve you just fine.

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As has already been mentioned, unless you try them all you'll never know for sure what sounds best in YOUR opinion.


That said, having tried the FRFR112 (probably the same box re-branded as the HB), I'm quite happy with the PC112+.

Having used it with IRs in the Helix and in the PC112+, I like having all the options open, and the options which will open up in future upgrades that the standard Powercab WON'T be getting. Like more speaker simulations. If you can afford it, don't cheap out on the standard Powwercab.



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Just to float my opinion, the HR's are fine if you're willing to spend a TON of time tweaking your patches.  I've had a pair for about two weeks now and was initially pretty disappointed, however am starting to dial in less bass-heavy sounds while preserving the punch.

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I have JBL Eon 612 (I know, not on your list). Main complaint is that it seems to smooth out the tone and maybe cut some of the high end when it's in flat mode. 

So I get it where it sounds great from the FRFR, but then it sounds harsh on headphones, etc. 

So I've had to adjust the FRFR to match the other output sources. Always hard to know which one to treat as the "true reference", right?

I mean, unless you buy some nice real reference studio monitors, which I don't have but obviously would be the best thing. 


All that said, I really like having a FRFR instead of a traditional amp because I can run electronic drums, keyboards, vocals, multiple guitar, bass, backing track, etc, all through it and it sounds good. 

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