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Volume knob settings


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Just wondering if anyone has suggestions regarding how high (or low) to run the Pod Go's volume knob and how that affects the tone.  I'm running the Pod Go into a powered FRFR which has volume controls as well.  I'm assuming it's best to send a strong signal to the powered monitor.


Reason I ask is I've seen various Youtubes with a wide range of settings from 9:00 all the way to dimed.  Of course, I'll use my ears to make a determination but just curious about other's experience.


Thanks in advance.

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well it's a global out level of a digital unit so it won't affect the tone no matter how you set it. it depends what are you connecting to and if it needs high input volumes or if it has enough power to drive whatever signal. and also what global out volume you are seeking. as a rule of thumb I'd start to keep it in the middle, so you have room to go both up and down if needed. same would apply for your frfr. 

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