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Variax Acoustic 700 static when on AC Power

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I am getting a ton of what I can only describe as a loud static, (almost as loud as the guitar signal) when connected to the XPS with AC power. The static (not a hum) is only present when using the XPS with original cable and power supply. Guitar is quiet as ever with batteries. 

So, is this likely a problem with the XPS? AC adapter? Stereo cable? I might have another stereo cable around, but I don't have any more power supplies or XPSs laying around to swap out. I can get by with batteries, but that gets expensive after awhile. 

I've cleaned the jacks with DeOxit, and it didn't make a difference. Anyone have anything similar happen? What should I try?

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Loud static would be an intermittent connection. Considering the age of your guitar and accessories,

and your geographic location it could be an oxidized solder point or mechanical connection in the guitar,

stereo guitar cable or the XPS. Should be properly troubleshooted by a Line 6 authorized technician experienced

with our product.




High Energy Systems
Servicing: Electronics,Guitars
21929 US 19 North
Clearwater, Florida, 33765



ProAudio Electronics LLC
Servicing: Electronics,Guitars
1250 E. Hillsborough Ave.
Tampa, Florida, 33604



You can also log a Support Ticket.


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I may go to the service center if I can’t figure this out. I did find several people on the old L6 forums with the same issue, so it isn’t isolated. Since the static is only there when using the XPS, I at least have a workaround while I try to see if a connection inside the XPS itself is at fault.

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