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Purchased an HX in 2017 and just opened the box tonight.


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Hi Gang,


Yup, no ones going to accuse me of rushing into things  :)


I purchased my HX along with a new guitar and subsequently had a whole series of events take place and I never got around to using either of them. I'm guessing COVID boredom got the better of me and I decided to pull them out of the closet tonight. I've spent several hours going through this forum after registering my unit and I've got two questions if I may:


1. I want to start of right with the latest firmware. My unit presently has version 2.5. Can I jump directly to the current version or do I have to go through and load each previous update?


2. I primarily play acoustic guitars which have passive K&K mini soundboard pickups which I run through a L.R. Baggs Paracoustic-DI and then into a soundboard. In reading this forum there seems to be mixed opinions on which input to plug in an acoustic guitar. Can someone please shed some light on this for me and can I use the HX preamp or do I have to continue using the PARA-DI?


Thanks in advance for the help.







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2. There’s no ‘right’ answer. Experiment. What sounds best to you is right for you.


Using your PARA-DI box experiment with using the Helix Mic input and it’s associated preamp. Helix has a global setting to adjust the mic input gain if you need to boost or cut the input level. If your PARA-DI box has a 1/4” output experiment with using the Helix Guitar input.

When you are experimenting without your PARA-DI and connecting your acoustic directly to the Helix using the 1/4” Guitar input you may find the input signal level low due to your passive pickups. Try using the Helix Studio pre-amp model. You may even want to boost the signal before it hits the Studio pre-amp using e.g.a Gain FX block or an EQ block with neutral tone settings and just a Level boost. You can also boost the signal further at the Output block if necessary.



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The passive K&K pickup should work better on the Helix instrument input. It has 1MOhm input impedance to provide a natural balanced signal. The L.R. Baggs has 10MOhm which should result in a hotter signal with slightly pronounced bass. What sounds better depends on the instrument and personal preference. It's only a marginal difference though. This comparison might give an impression.


Keep in mind that cascading audio devices adds noise, too.



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Hey there,I just wanted  to chime in and say I have an HX Effects and s very inexpensive Yamaha scoustic (solid  top though), and I just love running my acoustic which I  forgot to mentinn I have put in a very cheap pop in Dean Markley pickup into the HX Effects and then into a battery powered Blackstar Fly3 with its extension nspeaker turning it into a staggering 6 watt device of audio bliss! I enjoy the Vetta Comp as a super easy bigger than life instant compressor, maybe an eq for extra sparkle, then the fun stuff, I like the Elephant Man echo with modulation. The effects sound fantastic, and I just love having that cushy lush sound of those modulated repeats as a core sound. Endless fun, you are gonna love it!

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