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How control HX Effects with Reaper (DAW)


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I would like to control the HX Effects with Reaper (DAW).

In fact I would like to create a midi track in my Reaper project (I work with a drum machine in Reaper) and insert tags that automatically trigger the effects of the HX Effect during the song, so that I don't have to use the footswitch when i play guitar.

Has anyone done this kind of programming before and could help me?

Thanks in advance

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In brief:


You need to use Command Center to assign the proper MIDI messages to the switches.


CC#s 49-54 = FS1-FS6.


Snapshot Changes are accomplished by setting the Instant Commands to Send the Snapshot MIDI - CC#69 with values of 0 (snapshot 1) to 3 (snapshot 4).

In Snapshot 1, set IC 1 to CC#69 with Value 0.

In Snapshot 2 set IC 1 to CC#69 with Value 1.



In Global Settings>MIDI/TapTempo you need to set USB MIDI, PC TX and PC RX to ON.

Then, when you record, record both an Audio (Drums) and a MIDI track.


Playback will send the proper MIDI signals back to the HXFX, in sync with the recorded Drum Track.



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that's it it's ok, it works!

Preset changes are made by sending a PC event (program change).

In reaper DAW :

In your MIDI track, you create a MIDI event (a note) where you want your program change. You right click on your note, properties. In the top drop-down menu (type), you choose Program change, in channel you indicate the MIDI channel of your pedalboard and in value you put the value of the PC you need by referring to the table on page 42 of the HX Effects doc (if you want preset D from bank 2, the value is 7; if you want preset B from bank 28, it's 109).

The HX Effects is not displayed but in the midi device but you just have to select the Midi output of the sound card and activate it (and select channel 1).


Thanks !

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34 minutes ago, rd2rk said:

While I described how to create a MIDI track with a LIVE performance, you've  figured out how to do it manually.



I was also helped by the reaper forum ;-)

Thanks to you !

A link if you want listen my band ;-) Thanks ! 


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