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Spilled beer...


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Very stupid question I know, but I have to ask it. One of my band mates unfortunately dropped a beer very close to my Helix rack foot controller. No beer spilled on it, except for a splash on the RJ45 jack and the row of jacks for the expression pedals. When I pulled the expression pedal cable out, the actual metal part of the plug was wet with beer. Same with the cat5 cable, the actual copper connectors were a bit wet.


However, there doesn't seem to be any malfunction.


Has anyone had anything like this happen? And how close are the expression pedal jacks to other circuitry?

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8 hours ago, kerryhall1 said:

Has anyone had anything like this happen?

Hi Kerry,

Not happened to me, because I try to follow the basic idea that combining electrical equipment and liquid means danger of death.


Things spattered by beer can be can become sticky as the residue dries. I would give the jack sockets a blast of “Servisol” electrical contact cleaner. Cotton buds can be used to probe and swab into the socket, other than that, spray on and leave to dry completely.


Hope this helps/makes sense.


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wow, that sucks, but maybe just try sticking paper towel in the socket a bit to make sure they're dry?  unless it could rip or shred in there and get stuck LoL.


like Mr. Data, I never allow drinks of any kind in my music studio aside from for my own use, in the cup holder built into my main desk (away from all gear). Also not anywere near my rack (preamps and compressors etc), my keyboards, my drums (electronic), or floorboards (helix) or my tube amp (cuz I prefer to live!).  But, with other musicians around.... crap happens sometimes.


I would say you got lucky, but I'd like to know how much got into the machine if it is wet like that inside the jacks.  That's somewhat worrying, imho.

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Thank you! I will try Servisol and cotton swaps and see if I can clean out the inside of the jacks.


So far so good, the floor controller still seems to be functioning normally!


If anything malfunctions I would imagine it would look like foot controller not working or jumping around randomly. So far, no issues there.


Fingers crossed!

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