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Drop C Tuning hums/buzzing/muddy


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Hello guys, 


I am new into Amp modeling and I got my pod go since a week. I bought it to record my cover and own riffs. Now I got a big problem. The sound is fine in every tuning (Standard D, Drop B/Bb) but in drop C the lowest String sounds horrible when I am palm muting. This vibration/hum is hurting my ears. But just this low C. 


My setting:

Ibanez Iceman ICT 700 with Ernie Balls (not even Slinky 12-56).

Pod Go 


What can I do to fix this? I tried a low cut but I need to cut so much, that I lose all my base. 

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First thing is to make sure you have new strings, your intonation is set up correctly, and your pickup height isn't too near the strings. Lower tension means the bass string is more affected by the pull from the pick up magnets.  If that doesnt sort it then it's likely to be your guitar set up not the Pod Go.  Drop C is notorious for causing problems with a guitar intended mainly for standard tuning because the strings are so slack and it exaggerates any buzzing etc.  Its why a lot of players will often dedicate a separate guitar for drop C. Ideally you need thicker gauge strings, a higher action, and a nut that is cut specifically to suit.  If you only have one guitar for everything you'll have to make some compromises. I recommend you discuss your needs with a good luthier to see what might be possible 're achieving acceptable results for a wide range of different tunings.



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Man really thank you for this answer. I have tried so much in the pod settings and I guess you are totally right! I need to talk with a luthier! My guitar is set up for normal tuning. Now I am just playing standard D or Drop C/B. So I think I should let an expert set up my guitar for the lower tuning! Thanks mate! 

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