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HX Stomp Expression Pedal wiring


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Hello everyone, I wanted to ask for some help with a setup I want to achieve. I've searched the forums for my answer but haven't seen anyone want what I'm trying to do.

Disclaimer - I'm not new to guitar or pedals but I am a noob with expression pedals.


I want to hook up my Dunlop DVP4 mini expression pedal AND a single momentary (unlatched) button external footswitch (see attached example pic) to the HX Stomp expression jack (EXP 1/2, FS 4/5).

My Goal is to use the expression for whatever I need and to set the external FS4 to toggle between stomp modes (bank, preset, snapshot, and pedals) because for some reason you can't make FS3 do this function.


My question is does the HX stomp allow for this type of setup, and if so what cables do I need to get to make this happen (need to go buy them as I only have a single TRS cable at the moment). The jack can be used for both expression and footswitches but it does not mention if you can cross the two.


I've confirmed my Dunlop DVP4 works well with the HX stomp so we're good there.


My guess: (reminder of me being a noob with expression pedals)

Looks like I need a Y Cable (TRS to two TS connections) - I was thinking this one


But I do not know for sure that approach works.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!




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In theory at least it's possible, if you have the right appliances:


I build this kind of box for myself. It's connected to Stomp with TRS cable. It also has TS input for EXP pedal. On the face it has two buttons and switch. If the switch is up, both buttons work, and can be set in stomp to FS4 and FS5 for example, but Expression pedal is disabled. If the switch is down, it disables the button on the right (FS5) and enables Expression pedal, and you still have FS4 available. Of course changing the "configuration" with the switch also requires you to change some settings in the Stomp itself, but all in all it works quite ok. 


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I'm using the setup you described - DVP4 and momentary switch. It works well.

Here is my configuration:

- DVP4 internal tip/ring switch to ring.

- Insert cable (TRS to 2 TS) tip side to momentary switch, ring side to DVP4.

- HXS EXP/FS Tip -> FS

- HXS EXP/FS Ring -> EXP

- HXS Ring Polarity -> invert



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I got the Y Cable and setup the HX stomp -

The FS is working and scrolling through modes like I want, and the expression pedal is talking with the HX stomp however I'm confused on one thing I need help with.


The expression pedal in HEEL position is 0 which is good, but it hits 100 at the half way mark and then in full TOE position it is back to 0 again. I would much prefer HEEL is 0, TOE is 100. I've gone through the settings and built brand new presets to try to fix this and can't seem to overcome this. Does someone know what I'm doing wrong?

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