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HX Stomp - i hear the main L/R signal when listening "Send" channel on headphone


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I updated to 2.92 firmware.


I hear the main signal when listening "Send" channel on  headphone. (not sure it was different before updating)


When i send music from my computer on channel 3 and 4, i hear it on headphone (on send signal). If i send music to 1 and 2, i don't hear it anymore on headphone (on send signal). This is ok.


My bass is on channel 1 and i hear it on main L/R (it is Ok), but if i switch my headphone to send signal, i hear it anyway ... I don't want to hear the bass from the hx stomp on 3 and 4 channel but i would like to only hear the computer treated bass return on channel 3 and 4. By now, i have two signals : the main L/R bass and the bass return from computer and the music computer.


Is there a way to achieve my goal ?






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feature you're describing is there for a reason, most users often want to train or jam along with audio content playing on computer.

i suppose you can route the output block, on any patch, directing it to usb only, rather than the usual "everywhere" default destination, and that shall prevent your processed input signal to automatically show up at headphone output, too...

at least that's where i'd look at, but as i don't have my HXS at hand right now, and i often confuse too much of my whatever feeble recollection of features between my Helix Rack and my HX Stomps... i can only hope this silly thought of mine gives you a hint you hadn't thought of before.

but, rest assured, soon as i have them under my paws, i'll check it myself, too!

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In fact i need bass on channel 1 & 2 because the computer uses the output signal from those channels and reinject it on 3 & 4.


If i use a block to reroute the output signal, the computer will no longer receive my bass signal processed from the hx stomp.


I use Jamulus (to play LIVE on internet) with my hx stomp.


So hx stomp chan 1 (bass processed by hx stomp) goes to in:jamulus and stéréo jamulus:out goes to hx stomp 3 & 4.


by now the signal received from jamulus in hx stomp is delayed from the initial hx stomp signal, so it is annoying because i here the initial signal and the delayed one ... I would like to only hear the Jamulus signal (the delayed signal) to adjust my playing.

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