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Hd 400 Issue With Presets Triggers


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This strange thing happened to me today, i plugged my hd400 and after booting i noticed that the presets triggers ABCD weren,t working, not even the green lights, the mode switch neither, all the other buttons were functional, i can change amps, effects, tweaks, i can even change banks number, but cannot select any of the letters in the selected bank number. Please help, is this a firmware issue or a hardware problem¿¿¿

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Dear Jose:


I had the same problem last week and someone told me to factory reset the unit and IT WORKED!!! Here you got how to do it.




And then, you'd have to calibrate the expresion pedal




REMEMBER: Before you reset the unit, you should save you're own presets!!! Connect it to the PC and save the bundle or you'll lose it!!!


Hope this may help you,


Sorry for my lousy english!!



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Connect to the computer and Line 6 Monkey.... then do a complete backup (this may require HD Edit)

Next, re-install the latest firmware and factory settings through Monkey, check to see if the unit works,  then re-load your backups.   (check before loading your backups)


If that doesn't work at all, then it is hardware related and will need service. If it gets this far it's likely a broken or disconnected ribbon to the switch PCB. 

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