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Sonic Port Audio Issue

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I have several apps on my ipad that I really like,i.e. positive grid jamup pro and bias, amplitude, the free pod software etc.

I find no matter what guitar cable I use or guitar for that matter, and whether I am using monitors or headphones the sound of the string attack is very pronounced, like plunky, almost like I'm playing country music. It is more obvious when I'm playing clean and especially at the higher frets, but this sound is completely ruining it for me, I just can't get into playing, I keep focusing on the harsh plunky sound.

I have tried different cables, both ipad 4 and iphone 5c and no success. Is there something that I am missing is this an inherent issue with all these devices? Listening to youtube videos I did not get the impression this was an issue at all.


Any help is appreciated.


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Maybe it's your guitar?  What guitar are you using, what pickups are on it?   How's it sound when plugged into an amp?

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Thanks for the reply, does this on all my guitars, ranging from a  fender strat, to a prs custom 24 and also an SG and Les Paul which all sound fine through the amps I have.


The close thing I could describe the sound to is like having an octave pedal on where you kind of here the original tone plus an additional tone at a slightly higher pitch.


I'm out of ideas as I have tried everything I can think of.

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