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Odd Delay Pitch Shift Sound when Changing Snapshots ?


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7 minutes ago, Hatman777 said:

Hello all, has anybody  ever experienced  an odd delayed pitch shift type sound when switching between snapshots ? i find this odd and puzzling as to what's causing this 


Thanks for any Input you may have 



That’s a little vague - a lot of it could be a result of what exactly your snapshots are turning on and off. 

If it happens on every conceivable setting then that would be odd.

Don’t think anyone else has posted a similar issue.


Check if it could be your delays - if they are swapping delay times in big steps that may be something to look into.



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54 minutes ago, Hatman777 said:

Ahhh Yeah  delay was the issue  Thanks a Lot  :)  that's what it was Between Patches my delay time was Different  hence that Pitch Shift effect 


Issue solved 


Is the issue solved because you now know what the problem is and will live it?

Unless you really want this.... there is a global setting to alter the behavior. 


Global Settings > Preferences > Tap Tempo Pitch

  • When set to accurate the pitch will glide just as the original effects did when the delay time or tempo is altered
  • When set to transparent changing the delay time or tempo will NOT alter pitch during the transition. 
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I have experienced this pitching remnant when switching to a longer reverb, high depth snapshot from a different snapshot

on both the LT & Rack units running 2.92.  I will try the "Transparent" setting and report back.

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49 minutes ago, bobruz said:

I will try the "Transparent" setting and report back.




That is exactly what that setting is for - turn it on and everything should be fine.


Hopefully when version 3.0 firmware hits the streets the whole manual will have been re-written and folks will be made more aware of these little things.


Hope this helps/makes sense

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