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I have a gig coming up where I would love to run 2 amps. Currently I am using the HD 500 running into a power engine 60. My thought is that it would be nice to incorporate my ac15. How can I setup my rig to run the modeled amp and fx into my pe60, while running a dry guitar to the ac15? I don't own an aby box, but I'm sure the hd500 can handle this...

Thanks for your input!

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Hy chagmaier


Did you try to setup two signal-chains without an Mono FX and send Signal A to the PE60 and Signal B with FX-Loop out to the AC15? 


In that case, you can put all the effects for PE60 just in signal Chain A and (if any) the others i signal B. With the Mixer-Pan you control the output doesn't mix the signals, and the FX-Loop just doesn't have a return signal. To avoid noise, turn the mix down.

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Option 1:


Set INPUT 1 to GUITAR (or VARIAX) - whichever you are using



Place all your fx and AMP model in PATH A after the split but before the mixer.


Set the mixer controls to 100% L for PATH A, and 100% R for PATH B (which is the default)

Adjust the mixer level for PATH A and PATH B as needed


Take your L feed into your  PE60, and take your R feed as your guitar input into the AC15.


NB: You may want to add an EQ or the VINTAGE PRE into your PATH B just to make up for any loss of signal input for your dry guitar running through the HD500 - unfortunately it is not TRUE BYPASS, so just running the signal through the HD500 will affect the guitar tone and level slightly.  You may just need to adjust using the mixer level for PATH B but do whatever you need.


Option 2 is pretty much the same, except you can use the fx loop placed in PATH B to take the dry guitar signal out to the AC15 earlier in the path.  Just take the FX LOOP send and input it to the AC15.  Again, you may need to adjust the level and tone of the signal to compensate for running it through the HD500.


Try them out and see what you prefer.   Hope that helps!

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