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Fremen Pod GO presets


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Now also available for the Pod GO, the Pink Floyd presets pack, with presets for 26 songs. If the demo is for the HX Stomp version, the sounds for the Pod GO version are exactly the same
These 81 presets covers 26 Pink Floyd songs : Another brick in the wall Pt 1 & 2, The happiest days of our lives, Breathe, Comfortably numb, Echoes, Goodbye blue sky, Have a cigar, Hey you, High hopes, In the flesh, Marooned, Money, Mother, On the turning away, Run like hell, Shine on you crazy diamond, The final cut, The great gig in the sky, Time, Us and them, Any color you like, Brain damage/Eclipse, Wish you were here, Young lust (with “Sorrow” intro). Also included are 8 user cabs (IRs).
The songs are those I play with my Pink Floyd cover band. Most of the time we cover the original studio versions, sometimes it’s the live versions. For “Mother”, we play the Roger Waters “The Wall” live version ; for “Any color you like”, the Dream Theater cover version. “Money” is tweaked for the “Delicate sound of thunder” live version, “Comfortably numb” too. Note that I used an Axe-Fx II, then Axe-FX III, live with my band. This pack, made after receiving many requests, is a recreation of those Axe-Fx presets, also available for the Line 6 Helix (in my "Big Pack") & HX Stomp.
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Hi Fremen, not sure if you can help with this - I purchased your Pod Go | Cleans & Acoustic Simulation via Line 6 marketplace, but when I downloaded, I got nothing but an empty folder. I tried disabling my anti virus, didn't help. Since I tried downloading the presets Friday eve after Line6 support was closed, I now have to wait until Monday to get help from them. Do you know - is there an issue, is anyone else have this problem? Thanks.

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Hello ! I have no control on how the presets are distributed from marketplace, but I received this guide to help customers :


For Purchased Marketplace Presets and Impulse Responses:
• Download your products from the Marketplace section within your Line 6 account page.
• Unzip the downloaded files.
• Import presets and impulse responses into HX Edit, Helix Native or Pod Go Edit (product dependent).
o Follow the user guide for each application for how to import these assets.
o The Editor will need to verify your purchase online and will post a log-in dialog.
Please log in with your Line 6 account credentials. Your log in data needs to be identical to the one used for your purchase. Authorization will occur automatically.


Marketplace products have minimum software and firmware requirements as follows:
• Helix/HX firmware version 2.9 or higher
• HX Edit software version 2.9 or higher
• Helix Native software version 1.9 or higher
• Pod Go software version 1.1 or higher
Most download issues seem to be solved with the following approach:
1. Confirm you are logged into Helix Edit, HX Native, or Pod Go Edit
2. Go to In the lower right-hand corner of the window, you'll see "My Account." Click it and hit sign in, and you'll be asked to enter your login info.
3. You will need to authorize the computer you are using for the download.


Hope that helps !

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End of year sales are now on ! get -25% on all my presets packs with the code "BYEBYE2020"


I also ported my Rockman X100 preset to the HX Stomp (Rock pack) and the Pod GO (Metal vol. 1 pack) :



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Now available for the Pod Go, a Synthpads & Drones presets pack, similar to the one I made for the Helix ! 16 presets to improvise, practice scales & modes, noodle and what not... Watch the demo on YouTube :
A HX Stomp version has just been released too.
Get it here :
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