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Help Requested For Patch Volume Level


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Hi, I know there are loads if posts about balancing volumes between patches etc and trust me I have taken on board all the advice. On the whole I think I manage this pretty well in a 18 song set. One thing that is bugging me though is that I've got some 80's rush songs which use loads of chorus and compression. On these patches I end up having to turn overall volume down at the mixer by -8 to avoid clipping. I monitor all my patch levels using the meter on my pa. By turning the mixer down so much I feel that the patch loses much of its power and volume when I'm playing with my band.


I think it may be something to do with gain staging through the compressors, distortion and chorus. Can anyone shed any light onto this please?


A typical problem patch would be as follows:


Studio direct mode, input 1 variax, input 2 guitar


Noise gate, red comp, tube drive, analog chorus, hi way 100 with 412 greenback and 87 cond mic, mixer panned centre, dimension, digital delay, cave reverb.


The amp settings are as follows, drive 47, volume 50, master 80


I have the master knob on pod just below full, pad switch on and I use the Xlr left and right outputs to a pa.


Any advice on how to tame the signal but increase the patch power and volume would be great.



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If you would upload your patches to Customtone and share the link they would be much easier to troubleshoot as sometimes we can't see a minor detail that makes a difference.  At least put up a patch that does not clip and one that does for comparison.  if you change the file tail to .txt you can just attach them to a post using the full editor (more reply options).

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Here are two of my patches. None will clip as such because I've controlled this with the mixer settings. If you look at Tom Sawyer which I would class a good patch and compare it to the Big Money, Big money needs the mixer at -5 to stop maxing out. Hopefully these files work okay. I'm pretty sure the problem lies with the compressor and /or distortion and chorus outputs.





Tom Sawyer.txt


The Big Money$.txt



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The Hiway model is terribly under 'powered' (for lack of a better term). Have you tried using a different model that has more inherent volume to it?

I could change amp however I need to be able to switch between clean and heavy on that song. I suppose I could create a different clean patch but I always find you get a bit of a pop or click when you change patches mid song. A dual amp patch would be a good solution but I wouldn't have enough Dsp as the song has loads of compression and chorus. I could try dropping a distortion pedal and maybe go to just one chorus pedal and try for two amps. Sounds like I need the 500x!!

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