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Pod farm lost models and reaper help

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I had pod ux2 and my podfarm 2 had been installed for 8 years, installed from disc. Which I still have.


I used to use it with a program called energyxt till I moved all my projects working on an album to reaper.


But trying to use pod farm on reaper just had no effect. Whether I chose to run x64 or x86, (My computer is 64 bit but for some reason only x86 worked on energy xt.) Podfarm pluggin just sat. Nothing on the meters. No change to track audio. I was using it the same way I did on energy. I tried to go into the standalone software and change to my podhd500x as its hardware bc I use that to interface out to monitors in case that was problem. But it didn't work for that or my ux2. Go to Google. Someone says uninstall and reinstall in another thread. Download newest version. Install. (It wasn't until after I realized maybe I should've just tried restarting the computer.)


All my models are gone. I only had the effects junkie pack but podfarm has nothing. Its empty of any and all effects, even the demo ones I'd be limited to if I didn't have my ux2 plugged in for rights management I guess) So I think okay I got to re-download that add on, its been 8 years I dont remember how I even got effects junkie. Maybe on disc?  Line 6 license manager or whatever line 6 monkey opens has it listed under my add ons, but it won't download. And according to my line 6 account, I dont have any model packs at all. I dont want to pay big money for something i already thought I owned only to still not work on my daw. What the heck happened. Im like super bummed.

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