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Global eq help!


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Hi after many hours of setting up presets without touching the global eq I messed about with the global eq to see what difference it made and in doing so and ruined my patches (and the presets) so turned the unit off without saving to reset but was horrified to discover the global eq settings remained! I have no idea what the previous ones were and no I didn’t back it up because I didn’t think I had too without committing the changes to memory by saving? But it seems it auto saved any changes made to global eq! This has ruined my evening to say the least. Does anyone know what the stock default global eq settings are so I can revert them? 

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Well the global eq default is just disabled (that is, all flat)! Global eq is applied to the final stage of the signal so it affects all the patches, but you don't need to pass al the patches and save them or whatever!! Just set the global eq to a flat line (and it does auto save whatever modification you do).

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Had the same type of issue.  From the Pod Go Manual...


Resetting Global EQ

Resetting the Global EQ returns its settings to factory default (flat).

  1. From the Global EQ screen, press ACTION.

  2. Press Knob 1 (Reset EQ).

    The following dialog appears:

  3. Press Knob 5 (OK).

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