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Mixcraft PRO 8 and Line 6 GX Windows 10 ASIO

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I have problems with noise and scratches. I have a DAW; Mixcraft PRO 8 and are using an old Line 6 GX. Windows 10 and WaveRT. The supplier of the DAW told me to down load Line  6 ASIO driver for GX. I cannot find it on the download section. I have the latest version installed ( ). Can I get an ASIO driver for my GX?





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11 hours ago, stefanjonson said:


how can I know if my pod farm 2/GX licence covers use of the plugins with a third party sound device eg. A Focusrite interface?


If your PodFarm license came with the GX and you did not upgrade to the full version with VST capability, then you will need the GX plugged into your computer to use PodFarm, however you can use a different interface, you'll need to select it for the input device.

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So if I'm purchasing a Focusrite for example I should use the external interface for the input signal (and can use the vst plugins as I'm doing today)? Correct?


If I will upgrade, how much will it cost? Is it the full version only?


ASIO-driver settings: Does it looks correct?

Skärmbild 2020-11-11 060406 ASIO2.jpg

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