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Spider 112 - No Sound When Floorboard Is Connected


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I have an old Spider 1 Amp and a Floorboard.  I haven't touched them for a while, but at some point, it must have broken.  The Amp is fine.  I turn it on, everything works.  I can change all the settings, I get sound.  When I plug the floorboard in, the sound disappears.  All of the buttons work on the Floorboard in terms of changing the presets.  The Tuner mode will turn on, but it doesn't work.


I broke the floorboard down and I found out that the plastic strip that is connected to the Volume pedal was bent and not even through the board part like the Wah pedal is.  Thinking maybe this was causing the problem, I took the plastic screw and nut off of the Wah and slid the Volume plastic piece back through the board and screwed it in.  Still no luck.  


I initially thought it might be one of the Cat5 jacks, but since signals are getting send back to the Amp from the Floorboard, I wouldn't think it was an issue.


Anyone have any other suggestions as to where to look?  Thanks!!!

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im having a similar problem, when the floorboard is hooked up i get no sound and nothing functions properly. I tried opening it up at disconnecting the wah and volume pedals, works fine after that but of course no volume or wah. gonna try to isolate the problem some more so i can get those functions working, i dont really have a clue what im doing though.

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