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Hx Stomp footswitches and snapshots question


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Im looking at getting a hx stomp to replace a zoom ms50-g

Currently I have the above and an Aeros looper and a Beatbuddy and extension footswitch on my board. I would add the hx stomp to this set up and it work like the following for live use:

I will be singing and performing so all pedals have to be at the front of the board. Im already struggling with the small buttons on the looper so I'd put the stomp at the back and then have 2 proper big footswitches (like these https://m.thomann.de/gb/zoom_fs_01.htm) connected to it at the front.

I'd then have one preset with a bunch of reverbs n delays and an amp sim with 3 snapshots like this:

1. Heavily effected sound using the modulations.
2. Base sound of just amp sim and a reverb.
3. Boost of base sound with amp gain n volume turned up a bit.

Preset would then have snapshot 1 to load as the default and external footswitches would then be assigned to snapshot 2 and 3.

I only use snapshot 1 at the start of a song so dont have to switch back to it once I switch to snapshot 2, the base sound.

Then when in between songs I could reach back to the stomp to load snapshot 1 again if the song requires it

Would this work?  Have I thought it through right or anybody got any better ideas to make it work


Thanks in advance :)

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