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Strange Amp Noise - Helix Floor


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Strange intermittent but regularly repeating "scratchy" amp noise. Differs in volume per amp. Guitar must be connected with volume on. Disappears when amp is bypassed.
I've tried 3 guitars and multiple QUALITY cables. Occurs on ALL outputs, including digital to Powercab. Tested with a NEW PRESET with only A + C. Did two full Factory Resets.

Attached is a recording, and the simple preset I used to isolate it.


I fear it's a HW issue on my Helix, as I've never heard of this before. Can anybody duplicate this?


Strange Amp Noise2.mp3 Strange Noise.hlx

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Does the sound happen with no PC connected via USB or with the Helix in a different room or different location (someone else's house)? I've had weird sound anomalies like that come from the USB connection to my laptop or harmonic noise coming in from the AC Power I was plugged into. 

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This goes in the "sure wish I knew for sure what caused it OR what fixed it" digital mysteries category.

When I did the two factory resets, neither time did I actually do a simple reboot. Both times I reset, tested, restored, tested, then repeated the process.

End of day I shut down, opened a support ticket and posted here.

Today was an off work day. When I fired it up it rebuilt the presets.

Don't know why, I hadn't added anything new since the backup, and those presets had been through several reboots without rebuilding.


BUT - it fixed the problem!



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