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Some Frequencies (Electric Guitar)? Not playing

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Really hard to think of title for this, I have a UX1 and use it with Reaper through my Macbook Pro, everything has been fine for years, suddenly some (only some!) of my old sessions now aren't playing the guitar parts, they are there, very low down in the mix sounding garbled....change to mac sound output and plays fine, so its not repear or my mac, so must be the UX1, loaded up session today and guitar was there, phew.... after 45mins it went again!


I've checked all my uX1 software is up to date and restarted everything, any ideas?


to be clear, the programmed drums, bass and vocals are still playing fine.

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Ok, so are these tracks (guitar that sounds bad/low) all using PodFarm?  That's what sounds like the problem is - PodFarm is not loading correctly, although why they should sound ok when not through the UX1 doesn't make sense for that.  The UX1 itself can't distinguish between tracks on a recording already done, unless you have it routed incorrectly.

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Yes all using PodFarm, but I can export the song and it sounds fine if I just change my output to laptop sound.... so it's something about playback and those specific sounds (guitar on multiple different sessions) that is doing it... very very odd, today it was fine, but tomorrow i bet it will do it again!


The fact that i've changed nothing and it's worked for years concerns me.

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